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How to Create an auction on this website:
It's simple and easy! All you need is an internet connection and follow these easy steps:

Upload Your Item

From the navigation bar, choose "Add a new item" under the dropdown menu of "Create Auction"

You are now on the "Add a new item" page. Here, fill in the required details about your product and one or more images of it. Submit this form to upload your product. If you have more than one products to be put in an auction, repeat this process for each one of them.

Create Auction

Next, go to "Create a new online auction" tab under the dropdown menu of "Create Auction". Here, fill in the required details about your auction and add the items you had uploaded earlier to the auction by searching their names in the given search bar.


Once you submit this form, if everything gets filled correctly, you will see a message at the top of your screen notifying you that your auction has been successfully sent for approval by the admin. The admin will, in return, get notified about your auction approval request. Whether the admin approves or cancels your auction, you will get an email about the status of your auction.