How to Bid Online:
It's simple and easy! All you need is an internet connection and follow these easy steps:

Find Your Item

From the homepage (or via the search facility), click the name of the auction/asset in which you are interested.

You are now on the Auction Details page. Click "View Auction" on the right-hand side of the page. You are now on the Lot Catalog page. Find and click on an item on which you want to place a bid. You are now on the Asset Detail page. Enter a bid price and click "Bid now".

Agree to terms

The first time you place an online bid at a sale, you will need to -

Submit Bid

Each time you place an online bid, a notification will be displayed confirming your bid.

Bid Manager

After adding assets to your Bid Manager from the Asset Detail page - Click "My Bids" in the top menu. The Bid Manger shows the items on which you bid, the current price, whether you are the high bidder, the reserve status, and more. You may always call our office for help with any questions you may have Millers Auctioneer Services Iowa.